Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Willing to Join This Initiative

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Environmental Benefits: Unlike large vehicles that we are so used to seeing on the streets, bicycles emit no pollution-causing elements into the atmosphere. What this means is that for every car replaced with a bicycle, what you are contributing to the environment is relieving it off gases that your car, on a daily basis, would emit during its use. With the pressures of global warming looming upon us, the timing for encouraging this initiative could not be better. Our environment needs us and this can be our way of playing our role for its sustainability, as well as improvement.

Economic Benefits: We are no stranger to the fact that the fuel prices across the globe have taken an upturn. With inflation complementing the situation to worsen the situation up, we need something that would provide us with economic relief. When you switch to cycling, you are finally steering clear of the expenses that you simply could not avoid when you used a motor vehicle. You are no longer buying fuel, getting repairs, or worrying about expensive insurance policies. In fact, what you are getting is an easily repaired, used, and maintained means of transportation, which goes extremely easy on your already constricted financial situation.

Health Benefits: Cycling does not just give off benefits to the environment, but also to the person involved in the action. What this means is that by switching to cycling, you are effectively replacing a time of inactivity with a rigorous cardiovascular exercise. Imagine you travel to work by bus or a car and it takes you about 1 hour to reach there. Switching to the use of bicycles to reach your work place would enrich your routine with 1 hour of exercise, giving you precious health benefits. Research studies suggest that use of bicycles not only increases stamina, but also muscle tone, strength, and overall cardiovascular fitness. On top of that, you are burning calories, reducing stress, staying away from various diseases, and improving the health of your heart. All of this, as result of a simple switching to the use of bicycles.