Cycling and Its Role in Keeping the Environment Clean

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While it may not be right to say that cycling helps solve all the pollution-related problems of our generation, we can certainly agree to the fact that one of the primary sources of increased pollution that we are faced with is the increased use of and reliance on automobiles. From simple light-weight motor bikes to large containers that businesses use for their transporting requirements, all these vehicles emit gases and other elements into the atmosphere, which come to form what we know as air pollution. Overtime, the increase in the number of motor vehicles on the streets has caused air pollution levels to rise to unprecedented levels, leading to a situation where we simply cannot remain in denial. Use of motor vehicles make up a gigantic proportion of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions in the atmosphere, causing severe air pollution. The short trip to the market you take using your car, which you can easily switch to cycling, is a perfect example of unnecessary pollution,which is something we must keep our hands clean from.

Now imagine replacing these vehicles with bicycles, which are not just light on your pocket but also extremely environment-friendly. Neither do these bicycles require any sort of fuel, nor do they emit any harmful element in the atmosphere. As a cherry on the top, they help you lead a healthier, more athletic life. Replacing these vehicles with bicycles would mean that for every motor vehicle replaced with a bicycle, what you are doing is relieving our environment of the pollution that particular motor vehicle would have caused for its foreseeable future. From your early morning ride to work, to that lunch break you take after working hard, every time you forgo using a car, in favor of a bicycle, you are contributing towards the betterment of your environment, as well as your health. Having put it this way, this seems like a win-win situation, does not it?