Being Truly Cycling-Friendly

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While offerings payments and other incentives is likely to encourage more and more of the workforce to hop onto the initiative and consider the use of bicycles, being cycling-friendly is more than just these incentives. Being cycling-friendly is in fact putting together all of the pieces of the jigsaw and creating a workplace that complements this view. Therefore, if you are an employer encouraging the use of bicycles, you need to go beyond the limited scope of offering financial benefits of using the bicycles. This is because while many may be motivated by the sole financial incentive, there may still be many of those who may not. In such a situation, there is a need for all the other elements to be combined and thus, reach at a situation where the individual preferences would not matter and everyone would be willing to join the initiative.

One way of doing so can be by ensuring that the facilities and equipment in the workplace is in accordance with this initiative of cycling that the company is going ahead with:

Cycle Parking: Employers must ensure that there is adequate place for both, the existing and potential bicycle users to park. Not only should the space be expansive but also easily accessible, as nobody would want to park their car several kilometers away from where they actually work. A cycle-friendly employer, would in fact ensure that the parking space is so near to the actual workplace that it acts in itself as an incentive for the workforce to switch to bicycles. If the car park is nearer to the workplace, the firm would be sending mixed messages, leading to the initiative being a rather ineffective one. Therefore, as mentioned before, all the component must complement one another and thus, give an unambiguous message.

Shower and Changing Areas: Nobody likes coming to work sweating and tired. While this is an inevitable consequence of cycling, a good way to ensure it does not become a problem is allowing room for showering and changing. This would mean that the workforce would be able to reach the workplace and freshen up before it heads towards their respective responsibilities.

Security: While bikes are relatively easy to steal compared to cars, it does not mean that firms are incapacitated to do anything about it. In order to make sure that this fact does not translate into unwillingness of the work force to use bicycles, employers must ensure that the premises allow for parking of bikes with optimal security. This could be done in various ways, including installment of CCTV cameras, locating the parking area in public eye, offering fenced parking areas with lockable doors, and establishing separate cycling centers.

Cycling-Friendly Premises: If some of your employees have taken up cycling, to ensure they stick to this practice, while also encouraging their fellow employees, as an employer you must shake things around and make your premises much-more cycling-friendly. Setting a speed limit and enforcing it, opening possible alternative routes for cyclists, opening new entrances and exists to ease the way of cyclists, and ensuring that the premises are without any danger to cyclists are few ways in which an employer could mold the work environment to suit the needs of the cyclists. This is also what would attract the rest of the work force to also embrace the initiative and the numbers would start growing.

Openly Encourage Cycling: In addition to offering different types of assistances and incentives to cyclists, there is a need to going forward and openly expressing your support for this initiative. One way of doing this would be to put up signs. Not only would this activity act as a guidance for cyclists willing to know where to head, it would also act as an effective show of support for cycling. It would act as a message that the use of bicycles is not just encouraged, but appreciated, and thus would act as a stimuli in convincing the workforce into embracing this initiative.

Other Apparently Trivial Acts:Given the environment-friendly nature of this activity, nothing really is trivial if it helps encourage people to take up cycling. Therefore, employers are advised to use everything at their disposal into making the employees feel like that not only do you encourage cycling, but also take care of those who have taken up this initiative. An example of such an act would be to bring together different tools, which would help cyclists deal with any problems they might encounter with their bicycles. Similarly, offering towels, hair dryers, and ironing board would serve the exact same purpose.