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In the last few decades, the number of motor vehicles in the UK has seriously soared. The reasons behind this upsurge may vary from the growth of the automobile industry to the rising living standards of the people. However, one repercussion of this change, which does not paint a pretty picture, is air pollution. Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play craps rules. Increased odds for winning! With rising concerns of global warming and an increasing emphasis of green, environment-friendly practices, we have reached a stage where we must come together and do something about this self-induced crisis. This is exactly where the initiative of cycling really comes from.

Cycling is not something which we can leave to choice and turn our heads away from. It has become a need, given its various economic, environmental, as well as health benefits. Yes, you read it right – not only does cycling help keep the environment healthy, but also keep you in good physical and financial shape. Do you want a lot of money but don’t know where to get it? Come in cluedo regeln and make your dreams come true!

Are you wondering that if cycling takes so much effort, how exactly is it healthy for us? The increasing use of motor vehicles is one of the reasons behind physical inactivity, which in itself contains many dangers for us. Cycling offers an alternative, which helps avoid these dangers, while at the same time offers a robust routine. The best of way of assessing why the use of bicycles is extremely healthy for us is going back and thinking about all the exercise bikes you see in gyms and other health-promoting institutions. What purpose do they serve? Why are they really there? The answer to these questions is the same as the answer to our question. It is these benefits of cycling, which have inspired the use of exercise bikes in these institutions. If there is anything better than going to the gym and using these exercise bikes, it is incorporating them into your daily routine, by embracing them as your new two-wheel commuter. Research studies suggest that regular cyclists enjoy an identical fitness level to being about 10 years younger. With other studies with heart-related and overall health benefits surfacing, you simply cannot turn your head away anymore.

If you are somehow indifferent about your health, take a moment to think about all the savings you will be able to do by not buying fuel? While you are at it, add to this thinking process, the effect this cycling activity will have on the environment? This explains our stressing the importance of cycling, and encouraging its use as a commuter.

Our society hangs at the edge of crises, which range from obesity, to drastic environmental changes. Lucky for us, these problems often have same solutions. Here, there is a need to do something, there is a need to take action. This is where we come in. We are Cycle Friendly Employers, and our primary aim is to extend awareness about the significance of cycling and the part employers can play in promoting it. By enlightening you about all the different facets of cycling, through this initiative, we ensure that you have just the platform you need to be more aware, more clued-up. This initiative is built up by your input, your experiences, and your difficulties, which is then used to solve problems of none other than you. Whether you are an employer or just another individual, whether you wish to get to learn more about cycling or how to encourage it, we are just the place you ought to be.

Cyclists are an integral part of the society and it is about time they know that. Depending on who you are, you have a certain responsibility towards yourself and your environment. We help in ensuring you realize what this responsibility really is and how it is that you can embrace it and become a better, healthier, and greener inhabitant of this beloved planet.